How do we understand?

Our world is changing faster than ever, new disruptive technologies are launching daily, and new competition lies around every corner. Businesses that stay put will almost certainly fade away & become irrelevant.

We help businesses think big, embrace change & find better ways to grow. We do not suggest changes for the sake of them. Every strategy must be rooted in insight and be right for the business as a whole. Making quick decisions to keep up with the competition will almost always fail. However, when your brand strategy and the experience you deliver to consumers are inextricably linked, you will achieve increased demand, a more significant share of wallet and loyalty levels competitors will envy.

The Process

To get under the skin of your business, we immerse ourselves in it and drill down into it to understand it in real detail, some of the questions are:

  1.  What does the company do, and how does it currently generate revenue?
  2.  Who are your current, lapsed & potential customers?
  3.  Who are your competitors?
  4.  What are the current & future product/service range?
  5.  How do you currently market yourselves - web, social, events, mobile, direct marketing, retail?
  6.  What marketing have you done before - what has worked and what hasn't?
  7.  What margins are the products sold?
  8.  What is the financial target for the business?
  9.  What is the timing plan for the business – when does the marketing campaign need to start and end?
  10. Who is doing it brilliantly out there?
  11. What technologies do you need to be aware of?
  12. Who is your team to deliver the change in your business?
  13. What is your ownership structure - private, public, PE-backed?
  14. Is there buy-in internally to change or do we need to win hearts and minds?
  15. What is your budget, and how do we ensure we can fund your growth appropriately?
  16. What is your vision - exit, merger, float, buy & build, turnaround, MBO?

Once we understand the business and your objectives, we create a detail brand blueprint which details what you need to do to get from A to B.

Big ideas, mixed with a pragmatic business sense, drive your business forward.